Working from the live model, the essence of the human form will be explored through anatomy and composition.  The human figure is the basis of all creative expression.  Students will learn to “see” and evaluate through relationship, perspective, light and shadow and negative space with shades of light and dark.  Students will progress from superficial vision to the interpretation of the fluidity of the human form through the use of all media including charcoal, pastel, ink, watercolor and oil paint and sticks.  The student’s own style of representing the figure will be developed.  Figure drawing class consists of gestures, short studies and long poses.


The last half hour of each class is critique when students display their work.  Students build a constructive, critical vocabulary and self-confidence through the discussion of their work and the artwork of others.  Art historical references are discussed through the analysis of one’s work.  The instructor guides the class to critique each individual’s drawings.  Students build a vocabulary to discuss and learn from each others’ successes.  There is no competition between students; they are in competition with their own best work in their quest for achievement.  The class becomes a support system for each individual.



Learning about light, volume, depth, perspective, luminosity and composition while drawing from observation is extremely rewarding and valuable to one’s creative education.  Students choose from the Studio’s still life and will be instructed beginning with thumbnail composition studies to a large-scale drawing with charcoal and pastels.