Foundation Portfolio Program


The College Portfolio Program prepares students to follow the artist’s path leading to active lives and careers in the arts.  Huntington Fine Arts studio and the Portfolio Program are one.  The faculty and the students co-experience this amazing path that leads towards professional excellence and limitless creativity.

Everyone’s experience is unique, beginning with a discussion with our Director about your work and your options moving forward.  Comprehensive College Counseling is an integral part of the Portfolio Program.  It provides all of the essential services, support and guidance necessary to prepare you to apply to college with an outstanding portfolio.

The complete HFA College Prep Portfolio Program consists of three classes a week for 32 weeks each year from September through April in drawing, painting and sculpture as well as consultations and comprehensive College Counseling.



Foundation Portfolio Program is for students in 7th through 10th grade. Students participate in Drawing and Painting and Sculpture Class each week.  Students will meet with the Director for progress evaluations as needed.

We have found that students who start the Foundation Program in their beginning years of high school and continue through to the College Prep Portfolio Program end up with superior choices for college and most importantly, with a portfolio that achieves scholarship awards and recognition.