While in drawing and painting you are creating the illusion of dimension, in sculpture you are actually working to create full dimension.  Students are introduced to three dimensional form through the human form.  Sculpture classes start with a basic head in clay.  By creating a bust, self portrait or a figurative sculpture, students master form and structure and discover how to portray lights and darks in clay.  Students may work from the live model, doing sketches in clay.

All media including clay, wax, stone, wood, plaster, metal, light and found objects are encouraged and explored.  While students are working on their own projects, individual instruction covers methods and tools with special emphasis on conceptual development.



The traditional art of casting in plaster is taught individually or in a group.  Using the waste mold plaster casting process, students will create a permanent plaster sculpture of their original form.  This class offers our young students the unique opportunity to learn an advanced process that is taught in college.



Alternative sites and found materials will inspire sculptural studies in space.  Students will create large-scale works that respond to their site with a “leave no trace” philosophy.  Works will be documented by the student using photography and/or video.    Informed by contemporary approaches to installation and environmental art, the student will develop forms and methods that embody their concepts while expanding their awareness and experience of space.  Instruction is provided on an individual basis.